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Club Billing and Management

Developed and runs under Sun Solaris Open Systems (Sun Unix)


The Club Billing module used in conjunction with MDI's "Direct" accounting system which is comprised of General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Payroll, provides the user with a complete financial and informational Club Management system. In addition, another solution called Food Inventory may be utilized offering the user additional automation and enhancement of the operation of a club.


Club Billing is a specialized module providing information on members and member billings. It offer various types of on-line information and generates numerous management reports for analysis. It provides for membership records, membership use control, data accumulation for payroll purposes and additional features for maximizing the operation of a club.


Statement/Billing: Automatically generates dues and recurring fees, member charges (incurred and automatic), and special events. Membership Profile: On-screen inquiry and verification of membership data Mailing labels: For members, board of directors, announcements, special events, newsletters Distribution of sales and payroll to the general ledger


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