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General Ledger Software

Developed and runs under Sun Solaris Open Systems (Sun Unix)

At the center of MDI's Accounting Software is the General Ledger module. It was designed to provide a flexible, user-defined account structure. And of course, it offers complete accounting controls throughout.
Using your existing chart of accounts, MDI's G/L offers the features you need to get the most and most useful information from your general ledger.

It provides:
HELP available at all times
2 fiscal-years (up to 28 periods) of detail on the account master
Budgeting capability for all accounts
Lot status inquiry for input monitoring and control
Lot verification
Account inquiry -- with current and YTD budget, actual and posted detail review
MDI's unique parameter controlled report generation
Financial reports by department -- for complete control of expense and performance
Thousands rounded or cents eliminated on management reports
Prior year, prior month totals on statements
Flexible, user-defined reports
Automatic year-end closing to retained earnings with balance forward generation for the new year.

For even greater flexibility, MDI's G/L supports accrual reversal, standard entries and responsibility accounting.

MDI's general ledger -- the maximum information with a minimum of effort.

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