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Developed and runs under Sun Solaris Open Systems (Sun Unix)

Order Entry Software

Efficient handling of customer orders can make or break your business. That's where MDI's Order Entry software can help.

This easy-to learn, easy-to-use package offers:

It also eliminates tedious forms preparation by printing shipping forms, billing forms, invoices, and credit memos.

And for management review, the order entry module generates reports that supply open orders, work orders, and backlog figures in minutes.

Another impressive feature is an interface that automatically decreases inventory upon order rather than upon shipping. This "commitment" processing approach keeps you up to the minute on available inventory as opposed to inventory on-hand.

MDI's Order Entry was designed to do just one thing -- help your staff process customer orders, quickly, smoothly and accurately.

Inventory Control

The software goes far beyond simply monitoring stock levels.

Inventory Control module interfaces to Order Entry and the optional Bill-of Material module to facilitate your ability to maintain the proper inventory to satisfy customer commitments.

The system allows for inventory adjustment and transfers supported receipts and returns. Another popular feature is inventory valuation and turnover reporting including quantity on hand, unit cost and inventory total cost.

Access complete information on: cost, price, reorder point, economic reorder, and quantities.

Bill of Materials

An impressive part of the inventory control system is its interface to MDI's optional bill of materials module. These two elements work together to help assure that you maintain the inventory needed to satisfy customer commitments. With each order entry, the system automatically updates commitment fields in inventory and reduces available inventory. Then comes a bill of materials explosion that commits the detail components required for every assembly type product. Your next standard inventory "recommended purchases" report accurately reflects all parts to be built or re-stocked to satisfy current customer orders as well as allowing safety stock required for exceptions.

Not every company needs this interactive module. But for those who do, it is a vital management tool .

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