Commercial Property Management Software

Developed and runs under Sun Solaris Open Systems (Sun Unix)

If you managing malls, shopping centers, offices, industrial parks, condos, apartments, and other properties for commercial owners and associations, it can be easier than you think!!!!

Product Description

MDI's Commercial Property Management software is a highly-flexible, specialized billing, accounts receivable, and management information module providing for the financial operation of multiple property locations. Records are maintained on properties and tenants allowing for detailed management information reporting. The module can be integrated with MDI's general ledger module to provide a total financial reporting system for a property management company.


  • Statement/Billing: Creates monthly recurring charges. Generates billing statements to tenants.
  • Data Entry: Post charges, receipts, sales volumes, and other tenant information
  • Screen Inquiry: Tenant/landlord information
  • Distribution: Automatic distribution with update and error check report


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