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Developed and runs under Sun Solaris Open Systems (Sun Unix)

With MDI's Payroll software, there's no more trusting confidential information to outsiders, no wondering if batch system checks will arrive on time. You maintain complete control of your payroll processing needs right in your own office.

As with every element of MDI's software, the payroll module can operate for multiple divisions with accounting controls throughout.

Flexibility is a major advantage. It offers user-defined earnings and deduction controls. There's multiple-payroll processing supported with separate pay frequencies. MDI's payroll supports 16 categories of earnings and deductions (including holidays, sick time, and vacations), direct deposits (to both checking and savings accounts), untaxed annuity deductions and graduated state taxes.

Among the most popular features are:

Accurate, confidential, in-house payroll, a variety of informative management reports and other useful personnel documents...It all adds up to MDI's Direct Payroll/Personnel.

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